Exceptional Alterations Services for Every Wardrobe Need

Ever felt like your clothes were almost perfect but not quite? Let’s talk alterations!

It’s amazing how a nip here or a tuck there can transform your plain clothing into something much sleeker and more flattering for your body frame. But while every garment has the potential to be extraordinary with the right adjustments, only professional tailors and seamstresses can help you do that.

At Rite Dry Cleaners, we have decades of experience altering basic wear, suits and tuxedos, and couture clothing, turning them into well-fitted and stylish pieces. It’s the precision and expertise our alterations specialists possess that enables them to address fitting issues or structural flaws in a garment creatively.

In Cleveland, we have partnered with two different alterations companies, available at our locations in Miles and Highland Heights. For Warren residents, Evalines Bridal is the go-to for wedding gown alterations.

If you want to learn more about our availability and pricing, or if you’ve got a specific request, call or text (330) 399-2235.

Our Range of Alteration Services

When it comes to enhancing the look and feel of your outfits, the right alterations can work wonders. At Rite Dry Cleaners, our alteration experts offer a range of specific alterations to elevate your wardrobe:

Suit Alterations

For your formal wear needs, our skilled tailors specialize in suit alterations. From adjusting sleeves and pant lengths to perfecting the fit around the shoulders and waist, we ensure your suit looks and feels tailored specifically for you, exuding confidence and sophistication.

Clothing Repair

Is your favorite piece showing signs of wear? Our clothing repair services cover everything from fixing tears and replacing zippers to mending seams and restoring the integrity of your beloved garments. Trust us to breathe new life into your worn or damaged clothing.

Wedding Dress Alterations

Your bridal dress is a symbol of cherished memories. Our experts handle wedding dress alterations with utmost care and precision to ensure the perfect fit for your special day. Whether it’s intricate lacework or adjusting the silhouette, we ensure your dress is as stunning as your love story.

In Warren, we exclusively offer wedding gown alterations at Evalines Bridal, where our skilled professionals will cater to your bridal dress needs.


From professional attire to specialized work uniforms, we cater to all your uniform alteration needs. Whether it’s resizing, customizing, or repairing, our team ensures that your uniforms not only fit well but also maintain their functionality and professional appearance.

Men’s & Women’s Clothing

Our alteration services extend to a diverse range of men’s and women’s clothing. From casual wear, to business attire, or formal garments, we’re equipped to tailor and modify clothing items quickly to suit your individual style and preferences.

Start Your Style Upgrade Today with Rite Dry Cleaners!

Clothes deserve care that’s as reliable as their quality. Experience the assurance of precision and trustworthiness with our alteration service at Rite Dry Cleaners. Schedule your appointment or simply walk in – we’re here to make your clothing fit and feel just right.

Specific Alterations for Stunning Outfit Upgrades

Hemming and Length Adjustments

Perfecting the length of your pants, skirts, or dresses can drastically change the way an outfit drapes and complements your silhouette. Our skilled team excels in precise hemming, ensuring your clothing falls at just the right length for a polished appearance.

Tailoring for a Flattering Fit

Tailoring isn’t just about making clothes smaller or larger—it’s about sculpting them to fit your unique body shape. Our tailors excel in adjustments that ensure a garment hugs your curves in all the right places, creating a flattering and custom-fit look.

 Reshaping & Silhouette Refinement

Sometimes, it’s the subtle adjustments that make the most significant impact. Our experts specialize in reshaping garments to refine silhouettes. Whether it’s slimming down a blouse or altering the contours of a jacket, we can transform the overall look to suit your preferences.

Sleeve and Shoulder Adjustments

The fit of sleeves and shoulders can significantly affect the overall appearance and comfort of an outfit. Our team can tailor these areas, ensuring sleeves fall at the right length and shoulders sit perfectly, enhancing both style and ease of movement.

Waistline and Seam Adjustments

Refining waistlines and adjusting seams can redefine how an outfit compliments your body. Our alterations cater to these crucial areas, ensuring that your clothes cinch in or drape seamlessly, accentuating your natural shape.

Detail Enhancements

Sometimes, it’s the details that make an outfit stand out. Whether it’s adding embellishments, changing buttons, or altering necklines, our experts excel in incorporating unique design elements that elevate the overall look of your garments.

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What other services does Rite Dry Cleaners provide?

On top of our professional alterations services, Rite Dry Cleaners also offers green dry cleaning, professional shirt laundry services, and wedding dress preservation. We are dedicated to providing top-quality garment care services to our customers.

Can I get alterations done quickly at Rite Dry Cleaners?

Yes, we offer alterations express services for those who require quick alterations. Our experienced tailors ensure timely and efficient alterations to meet your needs.

Do I need to make an appointment for alterations at Rite Dry Cleaners?

While appointments are not required, we recommend scheduling one for ease and convenience. Walk-ins are also welcome, and our expert tailors are ready to assist with your alteration project.

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