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Worried about shrinking or fading clothes? Rite Cleaners offers quick and reliable solutions to prevent these disasters!

Have you tried DIY dry cleaning before? We asked not to encourage you, but to warn you of the many unforeseen consequences if you go this route. While the intent might be to save time or money, the aftermath can be disappointing. Shrunk sweaters, dulled hues, or fabric damage can turn your beloved outfits into unwearable disappointments.

If you live in Solon, Ohio, and seek professional help maintaining your clothes’ quality, Rite Cleaners is just a call away. Especially if you have busy schedules that leave you little time for extensive garment care, our Solon dry cleaners offer you their helping hand any time of the day.

Check out below the range of dry cleaning services we’re experts at!

Explore Our Dry Cleaning Services

Fine Dry Cleaning – Couture Garments

Indulge in top-tier care for your couture garments. Our fine dry cleaning service in Solon, OH specializes in preserving the elegance and intricate details of your high-end attire. Rest assured, each couture piece receives meticulous attention, ensuring they retain their pristine condition and exquisite appeal.

Laundered Shirts

For impeccable shirts that make a statement, our laundered shirts service is unparalleled. We provide Solon, OH residents with flawlessly cleaned shirts, free from stubborn stains and impeccably pressed. Get that professional and polished look effortlessly with this service.

Wash and Fold

Life’s demands call for convenience. and our wash and fold service precisely caters to this need. We offer laundry pick-up and delivery in Solon, OH, and the surrounding areas. We meticulously sort, wash, and fold each item with care and make sure they’re promptly returned.

Comforters, Bedding, Blankets

Your comfort matters, and so does the cleanliness of your bedding. Our service extends to comforters, bedding, and blankets, giving extra care for each piece considering their bulky size and delicate materials.

Household Items – Curtains, Draperies, Area Rugs, Table Linens

Transform your living space with our household item cleaning service. From curtains and draperies to area rugs and table linens, our detailed cleaning process is guaranteed to make a huge difference in the cleanliness of these home essentials.

Special & Delicate Items – Wedding Gowns, Leather & Suede, Vintage Items

Special and delicate items demand specialized care. Whether it’s your wedding gown, delicate leather & suede items, or treasured vintage pieces, we handle each item delicately because we know how valuable they are to you.

What Sets Us Apart

Eco-Friendly Cleaning – Rite Cleaners cleans your garments in eco-friendly, non-toxic, dry cleaning systems, steering clear of perchloroethylene solvents. Embrace a clean conscience along with immaculate clothes.
Over 50+ Years of Dry Cleaning Expertise – Trust matters, and with over 50 years in the dry cleaning industry, our expertise speaks volumes. Rite Cleaners brings a legacy of excellence and reliability.
Quick Turnaround for Your Convenience – Need your clothes cleaned today or the next day? All possible here at Rite Cleaners. We understand the urgency of your garment needs and ensure a swift turnaround. No more waiting longer!
State-of-the-Art Equipment – Investing in the latest technology matters. Rite Cleaners boasts state-of-the-art equipment to give your garments the best care possible. From advanced cleaning processes to precision in handling, our cutting-edge tools guarantee an exceptional clean and professional touch in every service.

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Schedule A Pickup Today!

Don’t stress about making a trip to our physical store! Let our drivers collect your items right from your doorstep. We pick up and deliver in Solon, Chagrin Fall, Bainbridge, Russel, and Warren. If you don’t see your area, call or text us at (330) 399-2235 so we can accommodate your service requests.

Convenient Door-to-Door Service for Free

Seeking for the most convenient dry cleaning service in Solon? You’d surely love our free pickup and delivery service at Rite Cleaners! Here’s how to use it:

  1. Schedule Your Service: Just reach out to us through our website or a quick call, and book your preferred pick-up time. Our flexible scheduling ensures we accommodate your timetable effortlessly.
  2. Gather Your Items: Prepare your garments or household items for pick-up. Simply bag or organize the items you want us to clean. Don’t worry about sorting or separating, as our team is skilled in handling various fabrics and requirements.
  3. Service and Cleaning: Once our team arrives at your doorstep for pick-up, we take over from there. Your items are meticulously cataloged, and our expert cleaning process begins. Whether it’s dry cleaning, washing, or special treatments, rest assured, your belongings are in capable hands.
  4. Delivery to Your Doorstep: After the cleaning process, our drivers will promptly return your freshly cleaned items to your doorstep on schedule.

Our Promise to You



At Rite Dry Cleaners will clean your order & return it to you in as little as 24 hours.

Top Rated

At Rite Dry Cleaners has the highest Google ratings of any dry cleaner in North East Ohio.


We'll meet you at your home, office, or our retail store. We meet you on your schedule.


We offer a 24-hour pickup and drop off locations for your convenience.

High Quality

We hire the best textile experts, so you'll know you're always getting the best clean.

Dry Cleaning in Solon has never been easier.

We’re the most trusted dry cleaner in Solon near you, now delivering to your door.

Save Time & Money

Are you tired of wasting your time & gas money dragging all of your dirty clothes around town?  Let our team of professionals pick up & deliver all of your garments to your door to make your life easier.

Get Professionally Cleaned Clothes

Don’t stress about those hard to remove stains or what the kids got on their shirts.  Our team of skilled professional will handle them with complete care & get your clothes back to you as good as new.

Save with a Subscription

Our subscription plan allows you to customize your laundry and dry cleaning preferences just once, and then sit back and relax, never worrying about them again.

Easy Online Billing

You can safely & easily process your payments from your cell phone.  You can even access your order history at any time with just one click.

Excellent Customer Service

Our team not only focuses on getting your clothes back cleaner than ever. We are available from Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm and Saturday: 9am-3pm  to assist you with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

All of our garment processes are gently on clothes and friendly to the environment.  From the hangers, to the cleaning solvent, we’re taking care of you & the environment.

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