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Since 1968

Hand-Finished Exquisite Quality

Rite Cleaners cleans your garments in eco-friendly, non-toxic, dry cleaning systems. No perchloroethylene solvent is ever used.

We utilize three different cleaning systems which are professional wet cleaning and SystemK4 dry cleaning. All of these systems are the absolute best alternatives to traditional Perchloroethylene solvent dry cleaning.

Each garment is always hand-finished with a pristine attention to detail to only provide you with the highest of cleaning services.


Years Of Experience

State-of-the-Art Equipment

You can trust that Rite Cleaners will have your order to the highest of standards the first time. We only use cutting edge dry cleaning equipment and technology. Utilizing sophisticated automation, garments are sorted and applies poly film to each piece flawlessly.

Dry cleaning will always have a human’s attention-to-detail, but with this technology, team members are able to apply their skills to characteristics that machines may miss. Like missing buttons or snags, which can then be quickly resolved in-house and ready to deliver to your door step without flaw. Now that’s innovation!

Most Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners

All dry cleaning solvents are EPA approved, halogen-free, biodegradable, and non-hazardous. Our solvents have been dermatology tested and have received “very good” certification. This excellent formula will leave your garments feeling pleasant and smooth to the touch. Exactly as clothing should feel!

Modest Pricing

Rite Cleaners provides our customers with exquisite garment service, but remains true to our family-oriented background. We strive to provide you with moderate pricing without holding back on the high quality cleaning provided.